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1. Copyright (©)
Copyright of 3d-models distributed through a site owned 3d.kadatka.ru developers of these models. You may not distribute 3d-model, without the consent of their owner.

2. Return policy purchased software
Immediately after paying the user has the right to download the software onto your computer
(automatically generates a link that is sent to the buyer at the specified e-mail them at purchase).
The purchased software is file containing the 3D-models in several formats (stl, rlf, art).
We do not control the use and removal of our software on the computers of our customers. Since then, we have sent you the files containing the 3D-model, the product is purchased. Acquired electronically exchange product and non-refundable. We believe that this policy be justified for the majority of software vendors worldwide.

Copyright © 3d.kadatka.ru