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Production of corrugated pipe

We describe a simple and quick way to manufacture the corrugated hose (pipe) from readily available materials.
(in this case, the corrugated tube (d = 65mm) was manufactured for the system milling machines CNC).

Production of corrugated hose systems  remove sawdust

Required material:
- 2 rolls of Scotch tape. Possible use one roll, but two more convenient.
- Plastic bottles, which will be chopped from the plastic tape. Of plastic tape is wound tight frame of corrugated pipe. By number of approximately 1m corrugation = 2 bottles (1 liter). Better to use a bottle of thicker plastic, such as bottles of ketchup.

- A solid cylinder of diameter corrugated pipe manufactured. It will be used as a template. In this case, we used Balon foam (65mm diameter).

Cut the ribbon from the bottle. Tape width 6-10mm.

Take Balon and pulls from the top adhesive tape (sticky side out tape). The coils in overlapping each other. At the end of the roll is not cut off, leaving it hanging.

Further, the plastic tape reels (spaces between the turns should be approximately equal to the width of the tape) on top of which inflict a second layer of tape from the second roll (now the sticky side inwards). Plastic tape and a roll of Scotch tape is not cut off. Wound to the end of shift resulting from the corrugated pipe, and continue winding - the first layer of tape, ribbon, a second layer of tape, again shift.
Manufacture of corrugated hose (pipe)

So do the required length of corrugated pipe.

To dissipate static electricity (formed by the friction of moving mechanical parts with plastic corrugated) inside the pipe (hose) you can skip the wire end is grounded.

Self-manufacture corrugated hose (pipe) systems  remove sawdust

The result is a lightweight and highly flexible corrugated pipe.

The corrugated pipe for shaving-blowjob milling tool CNC. The Fabrication.

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