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Articles and documentation on subject 3D-models ArtCam

Name Description
Walkthrough: Setting into ArtCam (for example, our 3D-model of Orthodox icons). Creating a treatment program. An example of manufacturing the finished product on the milling machine CNC. In detail import 3D-models is described from format .STL in ArtCam. The Example of the adjustment parameter, recommended operations for reduction of time of the processing. Creation controlling program. The Fabrication of the complete product.

Import 3D-models type STL in ArtCam2008

Adaptation imported to models in ArtCam Recommendations on adaptation imported models in ArtCam with provision for concrete conditions of the processing the product.

Articles and documentation on subject Milling Machine CNC

Name Description
Disassemble the chinese spindle 1.5 kW from milling machine CNC for change angular contact bearings. Demonstrated in detail the process of disassembly of the spindle 1.5 kW (made in China) to replace the angular contact bearings (7002C P5).

DSP-Controller system (digital signal processor) for CNC machines. Type DSP: RZTHNC-043XSI-4.111. DSP-Controller system (RZTHNC-043XSI-4.111) for CNC machines. Photographies.

Production of corrugated pipe (systems remove sawdust). Simple and quick way to manufacture the corrugated hose (pipe) from readily available materials. Photographies.

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