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- Sell 3D-model (in the format ArtCam, STL) for manufacturing on CNC milling machines. (see our Catalog of 3D-models ArtCam, STL . All models are made in our studio.
- Attention! Orders for the production of 3D-models are not taken.

How to buy a ready-made 3D-model from our catalog

Order of purchase of 3D-model:
1. Select 3D-model of the Catalog of 3D-models. Put it in the shopping cart (by clicking on the ‘Put in Cart’).
2. Opening the Yours cart a list of selected models arrange the purchase by entering your email address. This is the address you will be sent information about your order and our bank details.
3. Make payments and report it to us by e-mail.
4. We will send you the model (the same day or at the most the next).

If you still have trouble in the shopping cart you can proceed under the simplified scheme, just to pay for the selected model (by Details of the payment specified on our website)  and let us know about it by e-mail (indicating the number of model purchased). The model will receive a response letter.

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